Curing Times


Our Edge system can only be applied with the normal-curing Urethane Epoxy. Our Premium and Ultra-Premium systems can be applied with either fast-curing Polyaspartic or normal-curing Urethane Epoxy. Our Shield system is a hybrid system with normal curing time.


The Polyaspartic coating is a one-day process that takes 12-24 hours to fully cure, allowing you to move in your cars just 24 hours after the application. It can be walked on two hours after installation. It is UV-resistant and will not yellow over time.


The Urethane Epoxy coating is a two-day process that takes from five to seven days to fully cure. It can be walked on just eight hours after installation!
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The Polyaspartic coating penetrates deep into the concrete with “wetting” capabilities, creating a bond that holds into the concrete itself, deeper than the Urethane Epoxy coating.

Protective Surface

Both systems provide a protective surface that is hard, flexible, and impact resistant, but Polyaspartic is four times stronger than Urethane Epoxy. For exterior applications, the Urethane Epoxy requires a UV stabilizer to ensure long-term chalk resistance and gloss retention.
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